Warsaw, Poland
Tele-Express (news-program)
Prezentacje (art-program), interview by Jolante Fejkowska


Moscow, Russia
UTRO (news program broadcasted over whole Russia and by satelite to the United States of America) interview by Igor Ostankine about his retrospective exhibition Paintings and Photograph’s in museum The Central House of Artists, Moscow CIS


Amsterdam, The Netherlands
AT 5 ( Amsterdam Television ) interview by Dieuwertje Blok with
Liesbeth List and Ramses Shaffy


First exhibition in Amsterdam with his heart-paintings in the GO-Gallery. Interview by Sula de Jong on Salto TV – Art Channel A1 about his Valentine exhibition in conjunction with Michaël Lawrence.


Plein TV interview by Harry Moinat Salto TV Art Channel A1 (Amsterdam Television) about his second Cosmological Period and Fantasy Planets


Jaya (Papua New Guinea),  Indonesia
Two interviews by Luc Sala Salto TV Art Channel A1 and Salto TV Art Channel A2 (Amsterdam Television) about his Fantasy Planets and his study travel to Irian


AT 5 Amsterdam Television (Newsprogram)
Student Unlimited Broadcasting ( SUB ) Salto TV Art Channel Amsterdam interview by Elke Baijens and Shannon van Pelt.
Salto TV Art Channel A1 interview by Harry Moinat about his Springtime exhibition in Amsterdam, opened by Xaviera Hollander.


Praatjesmakers, broadcasted on the Dutch National Television 
on NCRV channel Ned. 1,  February 25  21.00 P.M. Salto Art Channel Amsterdam A1, interview by Metje Blaak 
about his second book Openhartigheden and atelier Springtime exhibition. Broadcasted on March 29 from 19.00-19.30 P.M. 
Repeated on April 12.

 Salto Art Channel Amsterdam A1, Abraham…hoe is het Metje? 
Interview by Metje Blaak broadcasted April 21 24.00 P.M. 
Repeated on April 26.
Salto Art Channel Amsterdam A1, Wat betekent liefde voor jou? 
Interview by Metje Blaak.